Student Government Senate Meeting Update 

    February 18, 2019
    By: Maddie Sunday

    Brennan Hall, room 500, was the setting for Student Government’s second meeting of the semester on Friday, Feb. 15, 2019. Starting at 3:15 p.m., Senate had multiple guests attend the meeting, addressing topics such as the new Iggy Shuttle and a club charter.   

    Senate Forum  

    Each meeting, Student Government invites guests to discuss topics, ideas, and proposals that various departments at the University are working on through a forum discussion. This past week, Senate had the pleasure of welcoming Ms. Catherine Sanderson, Coordinator for Transportation and Parking Services, to the meeting. Ms. Sanderson discussed the new transportation shuttle on campus, the Iggy Shuttle, a twenty-four-passenger vehicle with the capacity to transport two wheelchairs. The Iggy Shuttle is currently being used by Athletics, but Senate will be working with Transportation and Parking Services to determine students’ interest in Montage Mountain or Dickson City trips via the Iggy Shuttle on the weekends. Senate is also exploring other uses for the shuttle that we hope to update students on! 

    New Business  

    This past week, Student Government appointed a new senator to fill the empty Class of 2019 Senator seat. Sarah Laga, a double major in international studies and philosophy, as well as a member of the Special Jesuit Liberal Arts Program was appointed by Senate to fill the empty seat. Sarah will serve as a member of the Academic and Scholastic Affairs Committee.  

    In addition to the appointment, Senate met with prospective members of The Knitting Club to discuss the possibility of receiving a club charter. The club has the intentions of meeting biweekly during the school semester to knit and learn various knitting techniques. The club would be open to all members of the University, and the club leaders have the intention of donating the knitted material to local venues. Senate unanimously passed the club charter, pending future approvals  

    Executive Reports 

    Re-Imagining SG, our comprehensive plan, guided much discussion regarding Executive Reports at the previous Senate meeting, as President Coughlin addressed his vision of creating a Diversity and Inclusion Committee on campus, and Chief of Staff Barr addressed upcoming elections and the Spring Street Sweep which will be held on April 13th. In addition, Director of Communications Sunday updated Senate on her goal of rebranding Student Government with more interactive social media posts and the creation of a Student Government logo. Finally, Secretary Geerinck informed Senate that she is working with senators to digitize the Student Government binders for easier access to past meeting information.  

    Senate Committee Reports 

    The Academic and Scholastic Affairs Committee informed Senate that it will be working with president Coughlin in establishing a Diversity and Inclusion Committee on Campus. The committee will also be meeting with Dr. Gingerich, the Provost, to discuss the possibility of integrating Service Learning requirements into the Kania School of Management and the College of Arts and Sciences. 

    The Appropriations and Student Transitions Committee noted that the Commuter Student Association will be receiving the Late Night Incentive, a cash prize given by Student Government for clubs who hold a Late Night event with one hundred guests or more, for their first formal dance held on Feb. 8, 2019. In addition, the committee informed Senate of the Club Tier System’s reporting deadline of March 20, in which club sports must report how much money is deposited in their club accounts.  

    The Athletics and Programming Committee noted that they are starting to begin meetings for our Spring Street Sweep event on April 13th and are open to any suggestions for enhancing the event through additional activities.  

    The Campus Life and Dining Services Committee will be working on promoting the Bag Lunch Program on campus in which Dining Services will provide students, who have at least 14 meals per week meal plan, with a bagged lunch to be taken to off-campus internships, clinicals etc. 

    Finally, the Safety, Justice, and Service Committee will begin meeting with various departments on campus to discuss two aspects of the Re-Imagining SG plan: off-campus sidewalk cleaning and crosswalk enforcement on campus.  

    As demonstrated by the packed meeting, Student Government is busy with various projects and initiatives. If any questions arise with respect to what Student Government is working on, or if you have any suggestions or interest in the current work of Student Government, please stop by the Student Government office, TDC Forum! As always, follow Student Government on Twitter and Instagram to receive additional updates: @uofssg. 

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    Sunday is the Student Government Director of Communications.
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