Student Government Senate Meeting and Projects Update

    From left to right, Joe Fullam, Julia Hack, and Rachael Gallagher
    March 26, 2019

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    Brennan Hall, room 500, was the setting for Student Government’s fourth meeting of the semester on Friday, March 22, 2019. Starting at 3:15 p.m., Senate had multiple guests attend the meeting, addressing topics such as camping out in the LSC study rooms and New Initiative Funding requests.

    Senate Forum

    Each meeting, Student Government invites guests to discuss topics, ideas, and proposals that various departments at the University are working on through a forum discussion. 

    No Camping Out Policy for the LSC Study Rooms

    Recently, the Academic and Scholastic Affairs Committee has been working to address student concerns regarding personal belongings being left in LSC study rooms for extended periods of time. Senate discussed this issue as well as an acceptable time period for belongings to be left unattended. The suggestion was made to field these concerns into a resolution that would be submitted to Renee Giovagnioli, Biology Laboratory Supervisor and Acting Science Center Building Manager, highlighting the need to create a formal policy on camping out in the study rooms. Senate will, therefore, begin drafting this resolution in the hopes of integrating this project with the installation of LSC study room motion sensors that Director of Technology Jack Prendergast is working on.

    Club Sports Advisory Council Running Club Recommendation

    Senator Welby, Class of 2021, was recently appointed to the Club Sports Advisory Council and brought the recommendation to Senate for the chartering of an unfunded running club on campus. The club would be open to all members of the University community and would serve as an uncompetitive outlet for runners on campus. Senate discussed the possibility of chartering, addressing questions such as interested membership and potential moderators for the club. These questions will be taken back to the Club Sports Advisory Committee and those interested in the running club for further discussion.

    Contingency Funding

    The Appropriations and Student Transitions Committee along with Executive Treasurer Nonnenmacher approached Senate with an idea to replace New Initiative Funding with Contingency Funding, which would allow Student Government to allocate funds towards projects, initiatives, and programs in a more fluid fashion. Senate discussed the possible stipulations regarding Contingency Funding as well as the differences that Contingency Funding would offer the University community. Senate will continue these talks over the next weeks to determine the best course of action regarding funding for the upcoming year.

    The University of Scranton Smoking Policy

    Senate discussed updates to the Smoking Policy that is being proposed to the University community. The policy has been updated to include additional terms and conditions regarding the use of electronic smoking devices. This updated policy will be presented at the University of Scranton Governance Council in the upcoming weeks.

    New Business

    Student Government Logo

    Senate recently voted to approve the use of a Student Government logo. The logo will serve to promote awareness of Student Government related and funded events on campus. Pending future approvals, Student Government will begin using the logo on merchandise, advertisements, and social media posts. 

    New Initiative Funding for Student Government’s Meet & Eat Event

    Student Government will be holding a Meet & Eat event on April 4, 2019 from 9:30 a.m.-11:30 a.m. The event will allow senators to meet with fellow students to address concerns and ideas. Student Government requested additional funding for the event that will feature bagels and coffee. Senate unanimously passed the New Initiative Funding Bill pending future approvals.

    New Initiative Funding for the Chess Club’s Chai and Chess Event

    Senate met with members of the Chess Club to discuss additional funding for their Chai and Chess event. The club is interested in holding this event during Stress Less Week at the University as a productive study break for students. Senate unanimously passed the New Initiative Funding Bill, pending future approvals.

    New Initiative Funding for the Chemistry Club

    Senate met with members of the Chemistry Club who are interested in taking their members to both The Corning Museum of Glass and Angry Orchard. Senate discussed the trips with the club and unanimously passed the New Initiative Funding Bill, pending future approvals.

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