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    Executive in Residence John Dionne ’86, speaks to students in a Fixed Income Securities and Markets class.
    April 16, 2019

    This article originally appeared in Kania Magazine, which you can read here.

    Each semester in the Kania School, senior-level business executives set up shop for a day in a third-floor office suite of Brennan Hall. But they’re not here to conduct job interviews. They’ve come to campus to offer insight about their fields and share their experience with our students and faculty.

    This is Kania’s Executive in Residence program, which commenced in Fall 2013 and has featured 29 participants thus far.

    The program’s primary purpose is to provide students with a window into the world of business and learn from the experiences of very successful executives. The executives come from a wide range of businesses, including non-profits, and they interact with students in a variety of ways. They speak to underclassmen and upperclassmen in classes, discussing the nature of the work in their fields and providing career advice.

    In their presentations to underclassmen, the executives tend to focus on the types of things students should be doing now to prepare themselves for the internship search. Discussions with upperclassmen revolve around specifics of a field and the job search process. During the visit, students also have the opportunity to sign up for one-on-one meetings with the executives.

    The program has been successful because students not only learn about the most current business practices, but are also exposed to the thoughts of these senior executives on career planning, effective networking, and the importance of ethics.

    “The Executive in Residence program has provided me with a unique opportunity to develop lasting relationships with leaders in the financial services industry, said Patrick Budicini, a junior finance and accounting major. “While hearing these alumni speak on panels and meeting with them in small groups, I developed a greater understanding of the recruiting process and ways to differentiate myself in competitive groups of applicants for internships and jobs.”

    Many of the executives are alumni who enjoy the opportunity to return to campus.

    “The Executive in Residence program at Kania is a great way for me to give back to the University with my time and experience,” said Andy Dinnhaupt ’89, portfolio manager at Franklin Mutual Advisors and a frequent participant in the program. “My goal in participating in the program is to give the students an awareness, through my experiences, of the tools they can utilize from their Scranton experience to be successful as they transition into the working world. I always come away from the day with an appreciation of the positive impact the Kania School is making on the students through programs like this.”

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