Meet the Student Government Cabinet

The breakdown of Student Government includes a student senate and executive positions.
Meet the Student Government Cabinet

The breakdown of Student Government includes a student senate and executive positions. In addition to the President and Vice President, several opportunities are available for students to become appointed to the Student Government Cabinet. The application for Cabinet positions is open now until April 12, 2019, and here are some descriptions of the positions available.  

Chief of Staff


The Chief of Staff is an appointed position, and the applicant is encouraged to have prior Student Government experience, although this is not necessary. The duties of the Chief of Staff include serving as the Senate Parliamentarian, coordinating the activities of Cabinet members, representing Student Government at Club Council meetings, and directing the Fall and Spring Student Government elections. The role requires regularly meeting with the Coordinator of Clubs and Organizations as well as solving issues within the Student Senate and Cabinet. Kimberly Barr, a senior biology and philosophy double major, currently serves as the Chief of Staff for Student Government. 

Executive Treasurer  

The Executive Treasurer is an appointed position that reports to the Chief of Staff. The Exec. Treasurer oversees the entire budgeting process, meets regularly with club leaders and the Coordinator of Clubs and Organizations, documents the spending activity of Student Government funded clubs and organizations on campus and advises the Appropriations and Student Transitions Committee with respect to appeals and New Initiative Funding requests. In addition, the Exec. Treasurer works with the Finance Intern in reporting and documenting club spending as well as continuously updating Senate on budgets, allocations, and the spending of Student Government and funded clubs and organizations. Paige Nonnenmacher, a senior exercise science major, currently serves as the Executive Treasurer for Student Government.   

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