What's it Like on Campus in Summer? Bridget Pynn '21...

    July 31, 2019

    Bridget Pynn is a rising junior from Brooklyn, New York, and is majoring in occupational therapy. She spent her summer working on campus as an Orientation Team Leader. We talked to her about her experience. 

    What did you do on campus this summer?

    I spent my summer working on campus for New Student Orientation as Orientation Team Leader. Orientation took place during the last two weeks of June and was a great success. The Class of 2023 is ready for the Fall thanks to the amazing Orientation Assistants I was able to work with, and I’m extremely grateful for their dedication to the program. I absolutely loved being in the OTL role as it taught me so many things about the Orientation program, Scranton and myself and I’m so grateful for this opportunity!

    What did you do when you weren’t working?

    In my downtime, spending the summer on campus was great! There was always room to play frisbee on the Green and it was a relaxing change of pace from my busy day-to-day during the semester.

    What advice do you have for anyone considering spending the summer on campus?

    My advice for anyone thinking about staying on campus during the summer is to go for it! It can be a really great time to spend time on campus, especially if your friends are also on campus! The campus can be pretty calm during the summer so it’s an interesting change of pace from the busy day-to-day during the semester.

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