Global Insights Presents The Azores

    Brandon Pinarreta ’20, Business Administration
    September 30, 2019

    Rural, farm country infused with volcanic activity, the nine-island nation Azores (Açores) dots the intersection of the North American, African and Eurasian tectonic plates. While the geology churns beneath the land and sea, life is lush and laid back amongst the hot springs. Brandon Pinarreta ’20, a business administration major, will present the Azores for the next Global Insights, October 22, 2019, beginning at 11:30 a.m. in the Rose Room, Brennan Hall, 509. Registration is required. 

    An archipelago in the middle of the Atlantic, the Portuguese found and settled the islands in the early 15th century. Deemed a strategic location since discovery, during WWI the United States established naval bases that later allowed for transatlantic flights by the allies in WWII. The Azores became an autonomous, self-governing region of Portugal in 1976, and has been added to the UNESCO World Heritage list for the 400-year-old examples of military architecture and incredible walls built to protect the vineyard culture. Pinarreta, whose mother was born on Faial, frequently travels to the country to visit family and friends. He says it is a great place to go and sight see.  “You bounce from island to island. Relax and go to the natural ocean pools carved out of  lava rock and the black sand beaches.” He relates that a trip there would be very nature-oriented, but one cannot find better food anywhere.  “They have the best food!” His favorite dish is ‘Shrimp Mozambique’ originating off the coast of Africa, along with ‘Papo Secos’, Portuguese rolls. The culture is friendly and relaxed, and heavily influenced by Catholic religious tradition.

    Upon graduation,  Brandon plans to return to Massachusetts to begin his career. 

    This program is being offered by the Office of Global Education, the Cross Cultural Centers, Residence Life and the Office of Equity and Diversity. A light lunch featuring cuisine from the highlighted country will be served. Registration for this event is required. Click here to register. For more information, please contact Huey Shi Chew at or 570-941-7575.

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