Getting Started with Cybersecurity Science

    Josiah Dykstra, Ph.D.
    October 1, 2019

    Distinguished ACM Speaker: Josiah Dykstra, Ph.D.

    This talk, Getting Started with Cybersecurity Science, offers an introduction for students and practitioners to the application of the scientific method to cybersecurity tools and systems. Creating, using, and evaluating cybersecurity tools and systems are complex tasks.

    Many cybersecurity professionals are attracted to the challenges of building these tools and systems and are motivated to use their expertise to bring sanity and solutions to real-world problems. The addition of scientific thinking aids in dealing with uncertainty, unknowns, choices, and crises. It can improve existing products and lead to groundbreaking innovation and applications.

    In this talk, we'll focus on practical, real-world applications of science to the practice of cybersecurity. You'll learn about scientific principles and flexible methodologies for effective security as you design, execute, and evaluate your own experiments. You'll discover why the application of science is worth the added effort and you'll glean insights from specific examples of experimentation in cybersecurity.

    Time and Location:
    Thursday, Oct. 10, 2019
    LSC 133
    Pizza Lunch 11:30-Noon
    DSP Presentation begins at Noon

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