High School Students Benefit from Dual Enrollment

    The University of Scranton High School Scholars Program offers local students the opportunity to earn college credits at a greatly reduced rate. Courses are the same as those offered to college students, giving high school students an opportunity to experience college-level work before their first year.
    November 20, 2019

    “Dual enrollment benefits high school students on a personal, professional and practical level,” according Rebekah Bernard, University of Scranton Information and Technology Specialist for Admissions and Enrollment, who discussed the value of students taking college courses during their high school years in a news article first published in the Scranton Times-Tribune on Nov. 18.

    The story highlighted the number of local students taking part in dual enrollment programs at area colleges.

    The article by Times-Tribune reporter Kathleen Bolus explains that through these programs “(s)tudents have new and advanced academic experiences which increases their confidence, it lets them try out majors and courses they might pursue after high school graduation and it gives students a discounted head start on their degree,” according to Bernard.

    At The University of Scranton, high school students are placed in classes on campus with their college peers. High school students who have finished their sophomore year and have a good GPA are eligible to take classes at the University. Information about the University’s college enrollment programs for high school students can be found here.

    The news article was picked up by AP wire service and published in other papers in Pennsylvania. The full article can be read here, as well as in the Scranton Times-Tribune.

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