Search is Going Strong at 89!

In early November, almost fifty students participated in a Search Retreat.
Search is Going Strong at 89!

In early November, almost 50 students participated in a Search Retreat -- a weekend of talks, personal reflection, and small and large group activities focused on these questions: "Who am I? Who is God in my life? Who do I want to be? How do my relationships with others lead me closer to or further from God?"

A team of 10 upper-class students train for about 30 hours -- reflecting on topics for student-led talks, praying together, and learning to lead small group reflection. There are three retreats each year, and the community gathers monthly for renewals. Retreat alumni conduct a continuous prayer vigil during the retreat so that each hour a different person is praying for the retreatants. Student alumni also return to Chapman Lake to serve meals during the retreat. 

Of this faith experience, Colleen Rohr '20, one of the team leaders on this Search, said, “I think it’s impossible to really get to know someone and not love them. And Search creates the perfect environment for understanding that.”

The Search Retreat began at The University of Scranton in 1984 under the leadership of Fr. Bill Gavin, S.J. and was taken over by Fr. Joe Simmons, S.J. until 1993.

Cathy Seymour ‘90 went on Search 10 as a student and has directed the Search Retreats since 1993.

“It has been a privilege to accompany so many students on the Search Retreats. It’s especially meaningful to be able to work these days with some of the children of my own classmates," she said.

The November 2019 retreat was the 89th Search Retreat at the University, and the Search community is strong. More than 2,900 students have participated over the last 35 years.

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