Request for Sursum Corda Award Nominees

    2019 Recipients
    December 3, 2019

    Hello colleagues, 

    The Staff Senate has been asked to gather nominations for the Sursum Corda Award.  The Staff Recognition & Excellence Awards Committee will be collecting nominations.  We have attached the award information sheet, a list of past recipients and the award nomination form.

    Please fill out the attached nomination form as much as possible (it does not have to be 100% complete) and send it to by Wednesday, Dec. 11.

    Each year, a Sursum Corda Award is presented to three members of the University Community:

    A member of the Professional/Paraprofessional staff;

    A member of Clerical/Technical staff; and

    A member of the Maintenance/University Police staff

    The Sursum Corda Award is one meaningful way to recognize the contributions of our staff members. 

    Thank you,

    The Staff Recognition & Excellence Committee

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