Reduced Rate for Summer 2020 Courses

March 10, 2020

Looking ahead to summer? Scranton’s on-campus and online summer courses, at a reduced tuition rate, can help students fulfill a requirement or just get ahead. This summer, the reduced per credit rate for undergraduate courses is $597.

The University offers a wealth of courses in all academic programs, many of which are online. Of about 70 courses being offered this summer, nearly half are online classes. 

During several summer sessions, courses for credit are available to Scranton students and visiting students from another college or university. (Please note that students enrolled at another college or university will need approval from the home college for all courses to be taken at The University of Scranton.) The sessions give students the opportunity to pursue new interests or fulfill course requirements, on campus or off.

The Basics:

  • 2020 Dates: Summer I: 6/1-6/26, Summer II: 7/6-7/31
  • Tuition Rate: $597 per credit, which is a 50% discount off the regular rate
  • Of about 70 courses being offered this summer, nearly half are online classes.
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Students considering a summer internship should note that they can:

  • Earn three credits while paying for only one (a six-credit internship would only be charged as two credits).
  • For-credit internships are arranged through your major and must be approved before the summer term starts. Credits count either toward your major or Free Electives, depending upon the major. 
  • No matter where the credits count, internships are perhaps the most valuable experience you can have as you blend what is taught in the classroom with real-world experience often leading to job offers upon graduation.
  • If you have a formal offer for an unpaid internship, you can apply via the Royal Experience Internship  Program website. Applications are now open and will close on May 1. You can receive a stipend up to $4,000.

Housing and employment options are available for current students who wish to remain on campus for the summer. The Office of Conference and Events also hires students each year as Summer Conference Assistants.

Please contact your advisor/advising center with any questions about specific courses or registration.

For questions and more information please visit

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