Schemel Forum Update, Faculty to Speak

    May 20, 2020

    A note from Sondra Myers, director of the Schemel Forum. The Forum will feature several faculty members this fall.

    It’s been a while since we’ve experienced the joy of learning together! The pandemic has changed our lives for these many months—living under a dark cloud, performing our civic responsibility by staying home and avoiding proximity with others. While this would not under normal circumstances be considered civic activism, it turns out that the persistence and deadliness of the coronavirus and the lack of a vaccine to date, makes it the best bet.

    Meantime looking forward, Father Pilarz has announced that the University will open in the fall. The Schemel Forum is getting ready!! We know that there will be constraints at the U, carefully wrought, but we don’t know just what they will be. And so we are designing an exciting fall semester for Schemel that we plan to conduct in the flesh and-or remotely.

    Here’s a glimpse at the courses we’ll be offering:

    • Matt Meyer on Covid-19 from a philosophical perspective
    • Yamile Silva on great stories from Latin America
    • Sean Brennan on Berlin in the 20th Century

    And save the date, September 30 for the return of Dr. Richard Kogan, this year performing and lecturing on Beethoven.

    Stay tuned for the brochure with specific information on the courses, the world affairs speakers, collaborative programs and the bus trip.

    Stay well!!

    Best, Sondra


    For any questions please email Alicen Morrison alicen.morrison@scranton.edu

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