PCPS Newsletter: To the Class of 2020

    May 29, 2020

    The Panuska College of Professional Studies shares its biweekly newsletter featuring stories of those who answer the "call to care" during the COVID-19 crisis. You can read the entire May 29 issue here.

    Here are just a few highlights from the newsletter.

    Dear PCPS faculty, staff and students, especially the Class of 2020:

    As you know, Mary Oliver is one of my favorite poets. “The Gardner“ by Mary Oliver reminds us all to reflect each day and to give thanks. As the spring 2020 semester is coming to a close, we remember that emergency remote learning (ERT) became our new buzz words along with Zoom, Panopto and D2L because of COVID 19. Yet, we made it! We supported each other. We became stronger together. We relaxed with music, exercise and walks in nature. Many of you will be graduating; take the time to reflect and always give gratitude. I leave you with one of my favorite songs, “What a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong.


    Do not ever forget the colors of the rainbow.

    God bless you and remember, I love you.

    “Andrà tutto bene!”

    Very truly yours,

    Dr. Debra Pellegrino, Dean of PCPS

    To the class of 2020

    Grads, how you feeling’? Feeling good as Royal Here’s a song in your honor from my daughter Bethany in Dallas, Texas. She told me that you would know that the inspiration came from Lizzo. CONGRATULATIONS! 

    I do my cap toss,
    Check my gown.
    Grads, how you feelin’?
    Feeling good as Royal
    Cap toss
    Check my gown
    Grads, how you feeling’?
    Feeling good as Royal
    Woo Class, tired of the Covid
    Go on dust your shoulders off, keep it moving
    Yes, Lord, these Jesuits are off
    In their jobs, careers, going to the workforce
    Come now, come dry your eyes
    You know you a star,
    you can touch the sky
    I know that it’s hard but you have to try
    If you need advice let me simplify
    The world is different than we thought
    But know we’ve got and done a lot
    I do my cap toss,
    Check my gown.
    Grads, how you feelin’?
    Feeling good as Royal
    Cap toss
    Check my gown
    Grads, how you feeling’?
    Feeling good as Royal
    Feeling good as Royal 

    Doctoral Degree Recipients Outstanding Graduate Student Awards

    Thomas Bules – Doctor of Nursing Practice

    Sophia Di Camillo – Doctor of Physical Therapy

    Masters Degree Recipients Outstanding Graduate Student Awards

    Geoffrey Morton – MS Clinical Mental Health Counseling

    Shannon Saxon-Price – MS Rehabilitation Counseling

    Christina Futterknecht – MS School Counseling

    Michael Weppler – MS Curriculum and Instruction

    Toni Ann Snyder – MS Educational Administration

    Thomas Shaffern – MS Secondary Education

    Siena Cardamone – MS Special Education

    Michaela Dolde – Masters of Health Administration

    Kelly Banyas – MS Health Informatics

    Christine Byrd – MS Human Resources

    Zachary Russell – MSN Nurse Anesthesia

    Christine Pabst – MSN Family Nurse Practitioner

    Mark Antonio – MSN Certified Advanced Practice Nurse

    Anna Giannantonio – MS Occupational Therapy 

    PCPS Distinguished Graduate of the Master of Health Administration Online Program

    Melissa Edwards

    Featured Responder

    Honor Roll

    • Katie Insel '23
      EMT | NJ
    • William Benjamin G'20
      Financial Manager, Clinical Trials Office | NY
    • Sean Conley '18
      Registered Nurse | PA
    • Carly Dietz '20
      Customer Service Manager | PA
    • Bridget Buckley '18
      Registered Nurse | NY

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