Finding a Purpose: Relvas Thrives as School Psychologist

    October 21, 2020

    Like any other wide-eyed, 18-year old freshman, Vanessa Relvas ’12 didn't know exactly what she was in for when she stepped onto Scranton’s campus more than a decade ago.

    But she had an inkling that her experience over the next four years would prove life-changing.

    “I knew Scranton had a really good (psychology) program, and I really liked the intimacy of the (campus) environment and getting individualized attention (in class),” Relvas said recently from her home in Hatboro. 

    Relvas always had an interest in psychology and enrolled in Scranton’s program as a freshman. Later, through her classwork, she discovered a career option previously unfamiliar to her -- school psychology.

    “I didn't even know that was a thing until my junior year in Dr. (John) Norcross’ internship class, and one of my colleagues was shadowing a school psychologist,” she said. “That’s when I started looking into school psychology, and when I knew that was the trajectory I wanted to take."

    Read her full story, here.

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