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    University Community Pitches in During the Pandemic

    Student volunteers deliver meals on campus.
    February 17, 2021
    "The students have always been the center of our work."- Brad Troy, Director of Residence Life

    Meal delivery. Contact tracing. Package delivery. Communications. Check-ins. Testing. Soup delivery.

    Many members of the University community have volunteered their efforts on top of their regular work responsibilities. They are coaches, administrative assistants, vice presidents and other administrative staff, police officers and professors, as well as students who are juggling schoolwork, club activities and more.

    Lauren Rivera, J.D., Ed.D., assistant vice president for student life and dean of students, who helped to manage staffing and meals for those isolating or quarantining, said she was grateful for all the volunteers. 

    "We had a massive team of contact tracers, and we've been delivering up to 140 meals on campus at a meal period," she said, remembering that one particular student this fall wasn't able to eat the meals provided. 

    "The student could only eat soup, so three different University staff members jumped in to deliver soup around the clock to this student," said Rivera.

    The Residence Life team has helped students transition to temporary spaces when they have had to quarantine or isolate themselves on campus.

    "At this time last year, we could have never imagined the realities we’re facing and how it would impact our work. Our team has been committed to serving our students to the best of our abilities and we try to bring a positive attitude to our work each day," said Brad Troy, director of Residence Life. "To have the opportunity to contribute to some level of normalcy for our students is a privilege. The students have always been the center of our work."

    Troy was especially appreciative of the students helping their peers through this difficult time and said they "deserve recognition for their efforts."

    "Having to isolate or quarantine is a disruptive experience and can be stressful for students for a variety of reasons. In addition to students who have had to move to temporary housing, we have a number of students who have volunteered countless hours to support their peers," he said. 

    "I have been amazed by the students, faculty and staff who come together to keep our community safe."- Jeff Colucci '21

    Jeff Colucci '21, student government president, delivered meals.

    “Whether I’m delivering meals to students in quarantine or meeting with leaders on campus to discuss reopening plans, I have been amazed by the students, faculty and staff who come together to keep our community safe," he said. "Throughout the past year, one thing that has always proven true is that people on this campus care so deeply about the students here and have done everything to keep us connected and safe.”

    Liz Garcia, executive director of Equity and Diversity, Title IX coordinator and special assistant to the president, gained another title this past summer: Pandemic Safety Officer. Not only does she oversee the pandemic safety ambassadors and answer questions and enforce rules related to the Royals Safe Together Plan, but she also coordinates and delivers meals to students in isolation and quarantine. She noted that her call for meal, package and water delivery volunteers has been answered by the University community.   

    "Serving our students is why we are here, including feeding them and checking on their well-being while in quarantine or isolation.  This responsibility falls on all of us, and so many from our community have stepped up. We have volunteers from all divisions and titles stepping up to assist," said Garcia.

    Find the growing list of meal volunteers, below.

    Barbara Eagan

    Chris Whitney

    Bailey McLaughlin

    Cassondra Steiner

    Rebecca Dzikowski

    John Burke

    Jennifer Pennington

    Patti Tetreault

    Barbara King

    Casey Welby

    Jeff Colucci

    Dan Shuck

    Amy Fotta

    Robert Farrell

    Jose Sanchez

    Brian Loughney         

    David Schweitzer

    Michael Meyer

    Barbara King

    Susan Bowen

    Kimberly Curran

    Jean Lenville

    Meg Ambrose

    Don Bergmann

    Lynn Gavin

    Liz Garcia

    Melissa Abda

    Tim Pryle

    Michelle Boughton

    Reka Shayka

    Emmanuel Aidoo

    Susan Falbo

    Amy Hoegan

    Patricia Cummings

    Janet Schieber

    Paige Friesema
    Stephen Klingman

    Gerry Zaboski

    Kristi Klien

    Ryan Van Zelst

    Aaron Lichtenwalter

    Eric Morton
    Joseph Fitzhenry

    Robert Davis

    Jeff Gingerich

    Michael Ritterbeck

     Helen Wolf

    Lori Moran


    Matt Marcotte

    Christine Black

    Maria Marinucci

    Natalie Gray

    Julia Hack

    Patricia Sayitts

    Stephanie Adamec

    John Gatto

    Bridget Chomko

    Nicolena Vega

    Sarah Brown

    Brandon Loftus

    Jonathan Wells

    Kaitlyn Lewis

    Alexandra Maier

    Julia Kulpa

    Taylor Roman

    Sophia Gonzalez

    Jane Johnson

    Cheryl Collarini

    Madison Beers

    Dante Malleo

    Sinead Girdusky

     Amy Black

    Brad TroyCathy Seymour

    Kaycee O'Neil

    Sean Brennan

    Brian Sawyer

     Alyssa Olcott

    Meghan KimballRaven Thomas

    Danielle Higgins

    Devanski Shah

    Ansis Romolins

    Thomas Helmstetter

    Ashley Scovni

    Sarah NeffGuillermo MartinezAlexandra ManiscalcoBrittany AngrosinaBenjamin McFadden

    Bobby Hermes

    Laurie McCoyRachel Gallagher
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