Upcoming Global Insights is a Paraguayan Family Affair! Impact Banner

    Upcoming Global Insights is a Paraguayan Family Affair!

    Rachel Fernandez ’21, Gustavo N. Fernandez, staff; and Jared Fernandez ‘23
    March 2, 2021

    Global Insights is pleased to feature University staff and students from the Fernandez family as speakers for Global Insights: Paraguay. University staff member Gustavo N. Fernandez, IT client services analyst, along with his two children, University students Rachel Fernandez ’21, occupational therapy, and Jared Fernandez ’23, nursing, will co-present on their Paraguayan heritage, Thursday, March 25, 2021, at 11:30 a.m. Registration is required.  

    Students, faculty, staff: Click here to register.

    Since 1996, Gustavo N. Fernandez has served the University as an anchor of the IT client services department, coming to the rescue of faculty and staff who are in need of technology problem solving and hardware/software updates. Born in Paraguay, Gustavo came to the United States as a student, ultimately earning a bachelor of science degree from Bloomsburg University, and a master of science degree from the University of Scranton, while working and starting a family in northeastern Pennsylvania. He says “There’s not a lot that’s similar between NEPA and Paraguay. NEPA is mountainous, Paraguay is flat.  NEPA has four distinct seasons, Paraguay has summer and a bit of pretend winter.  The one thing I would say is somewhat similar, is that both NEPA and Paraguay are very family-centric.” While Paraguay enjoys beautiful grasslands, a subtropical climate and woodland forests, the main reason for visiting Paraguay is the people. “Yes, there beautiful places to see but it’s the people that make Paraguay special.”

    Senior occupational therapy major, Rachel Fernandez, said that her favorite thing to do in Paraguay was visit with family.

    I really enjoy learning about the culture and traveling to exploring the capital city and the countryside alongside family,” she said.

    When asked if she would encourage others to visit Paraguay, she responded joyfully, “I definitely encourage others to travel here. If they visit, they should definitely visit the capital (Asunción), Iguazú Falls, Itaipú Dam, and the Paraguayan Chaco!”

    While Jared Fernandez, sophomore nursing major, agreed that enjoying time with family was a great experience and what he misses most about Paraguay, he went on to say “My favorite thing to do in Paraguay is pretty much anything that involves the food there. I love cooking and especially love eating the cuisine.”  Like his father and sister, he would encourage traveling to Paraguay. “Honestly, I say just driving through and enjoying the countryside is worth doing, especially if you're traveling with the right people who know how to make any trip enjoyable.”

    Students, faculty and staff are invited to learn more about Paraguay, known as the heart of South America, the climate, cuisine, and culture on March 25, 2021, at 11:30 a.m. Please click here to register. Zoom information will be sent out 1-2 days before the event.

    This program is being offered by the Office of Global Education, the Cross Cultural Centers, Residence Life and the Office of Equity and Diversity. For more information, please contact or 570-941-4841.

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