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    Senior Spotlight: Ashley Fischetti

    Fischetti hammocking with her friends behind Alumni Memorial Hall.
    April 14, 2021
    By: Rebeca Chiefallo '21

    This article originally appeared in Campus Corner, our student-written blog.

    With graduation only a few weeks away, many Scranton seniors are reflecting on their four years at Scranton.

    Ashley Fischetti is an occupational therapy major at the University.

    Her senior year has been filled with lots of friends and, most recently, lounging in the sun on campus.

    “I’ve made so many memories with different people across different places on campus,” Fischetti said.


    Out of all the places on campus, her favorite spot to relax?

    “I love hammocking behind Alumni Memorial Hall.

    Being a part of Liva Arts Company has been important to her during her years as a Royal. She was most recently cast as Angie in the club’s production of The Wedding Singer. The production will be performed on May 1.

    One of her favorite memories at Scranton was last year’s rehearsals of Mamma Mia!, right before the pandemic forced students home in the spring semester.

    “Although there was so much uncertainty and fear about what was to come . . . we had so much fun performing what was our last song and dance together as a full cast," she recalled.

    If she could go back in time even further to give her first-year self some advice, she would offer a sense of calm.

    “I would just tell myself to not stress over the little things you can’t control,” Fischetti said.

    She said it's the connections she's made that have changed her.

    “The close-knit community has had the biggest impact on me,” Fischetti said. “I’ll miss spending time with my friends and performing with them on stage,” Fischetti said.

    Once the spring semester does come to an end, Fischetti will be taking part in the occupational therapy graduate program at The University of Scranton. After that? Fischetti said she hopes to find a job once graduated in 2022.

    “I hope to find a job as a mental health occupational therapist in the NEPA area,” Fischetti said.

    Rebeca Chiefallo '21, Olyphant, is a journalism and electronic media major. Beca is our Campus Corner correspondent.
    Rebeca Chiefallo '21, Olyphant, is a journalism and electronic media major. Beca is our Campus Corner correspondent.
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