Students Honor Father Pilarz in New Video

Students pay tribute to the University's 24th and 27th president, Scott R. Pilarz, S.J., in a video created by students Caroline R. Hagen and Sarah White. 
From left: Caroline R. Hagen and Sarah White
From left: Caroline R. Hagen and Sarah White

"Father Pilarz embodied the idea that Scranton is a people, not just a place. He constantly challenged us to come together and find community in the people around us," said Sarah White '22.

White and Caroline Hagen '22 recently gathered video tributes to the University's 24th and 27th president, Scott R. Pilarz, S.J. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, many could not attend the viewing or Mass for Father Pilarz in person and were yearning for another way to pay tribute to him. The two juniors set out to make a video as a way to remember his impact on the University and its people.

"Though we weren’t able to gather together to mourn his loss how we would have liked to, Sarah and I believe that creating a virtual tribute was the next best thing to unite the school in our appreciation for him. When I first watched all the clips that were sent in, I was so moved that I couldn’t even speak. The University of Scranton community is so full of love..." said Hagen.

White and Hagen want to thank everyone who shared reflections, including Student Government, Lauren Rivera, Barbara King, the Recreational Sports Department and the Athletics Department.

"As many students shared, Father Pilarz shaped the spirit of Scranton. He helped make this community our home, and our students will always be thankful for his leadership," said White.

Watch the video, below.

To read more memories and tributes and learn more about Father Pilarz, visit the memorial site, here.

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