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    Web Developer internship

    June 22, 2021

    The Department of Marketing Communications in the Division of External Affairs & Enrollment Management is looking for a capable student to assist in web projects at The University of Scranton.

    The intern will work directly with the Web Designer/Developer on small and large projects, primarily within the University's content management system.

    Duties & Responsibilities
    •Organizing folders and assets within the CMS
    •Optimizing web programming code.
    •Audit folders/pages to locate and solve issues like:
    o Broken/dead links
    o Outdated content
    o Consolidate system assets
    o Optimizing page/system performance

    Requirements Skills/Knowledge
    •Knowledge of HTML/CSS/XML
    •Knowledge of Java and Java reference objects.

    Other Skills (preferred but not required)
    •Experience with WordPress, Cascade CMS, or other CMS platform
    •Knowledge of XML transformation languages like XSLT or Velocity

    Academic Qualifications
    •Computer Science, Information Technology, or Software Engineering major
    •Preferred classwork:
    o Web programming/development
    o System Integration & Architecture
    •Preferred Class Year:
    o Sophomore
    o Junior

    NOTE: All applicants should have at least one faculty recommendation.
    For more information, or to submit a resume and cover letter, email

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