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    Campus Mail Delivery for University Offices

    August 3, 2021

    Over the past year, all packages have been delivered to Printing and Mailing Services and we have delivered to offices. With buildings reopening for fall 2021, we will revert back to the previous practice of UPS, Fed Ex, Amazon and other shippers (other than U.S. Postal Service) delivering directly to offices. This will be effective on Aug. 30. We will continue to deliver to campus offices packages from the US Postal Service.

    When ordering items that are being shipped to you it?s very important that you update your shipping address to your physical location (instead of 314 Kressler Court which is the address that has been used while campus buildings have been locked over the past year). The only exception would be anything shipping via U.S. Postal Service, in which case you continue to use 800 Linden Street.

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