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    Royals Back Together: Packing and Planning

    August 24, 2021

    Students, as you finalize your packing list for fall (here is a great list!), you might be wondering what you should bring to stay healthy and safe during the pandemic. If so, then this is the list for you.

    What to Bring

    The first step to maintaining a safe and healthy campus is remembering to pack the COVID-19 essentials!

    1. Masks, disposable or reusable (Check out the types of masks, here.)
    2. Oral or no-touch thermometer
    3. Insurance card
    4. Hand Sanitizer, varying sizes for your residence hall and backpack, plus antibacterial soap 
    5. Prescriptions and/or pain medication
    6. Disinfectant wipes and other basic cleaning supplies
    7. Tissues
    8. A plan for isolation and/or quarantining off campus (see below!)

    How to Plan

    It’s important to plan ahead! The University will temporarily accommodate residential students who need to isolate/quarantine as they solidify their off-campus isolation/quarantine plan.

    Unvaccinated students who test positive for COVID-19 or are required to quarantine/isolate must do so off-campus. 

    Vaccinated students who test positive for COVID-19 and are required to isolate must do so off-campus.

    This is something you should talk through with your family prior to arriving on campus.

    As excited as we are to welcome all of our students this semester, we must remember to follow University guidelines in accordance with our Royals Back Together plan!

    For more information about the Royals Back Together plan, click here.

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