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    Quotes from the Inauguration of the 29th President

    Adrianna O. Smith ’22, president of Student Government, was among the speakers at the Inauguration of Rev. Joseph G. Marina, S.J., as The University of Scranton’s 29th President.
    September 29, 2021

    “The University really is a miracle. It is a place in point of fact where miracles are commonplace; where dreams are nurtured; where hope is born in every generation, where the students have a friendship and a genius for loyalty, and therefore a place where friendships are strong and lifelong; where character is formed; where God is discovered, wrestled with, praised and served; where generosity is a way of life.” Rev. Joseph McShane, S.J., the 23rd president of The University of Scranton and current president of Fordham University

    “What we need at this moment in higher education are leaders capable of distinguishing between the inevitable and the possible. Leaders with enough creativity and originality to write a new script for the future. And that, University of Scranton, is just one of the ways in which you are so blessed to have Joe Marina as your president.” Linda M. LeMura, Ph.D., president of Le Moyne College

    “This campus and its students bring such a vibrant energy to our city and we are all proud to have such a world class institution in the heart of the city of Scranton. The University is a true exemplar of the best of Jesuit education.” U.S. Rep. Matt Cartwright

    “The city would not be what it is today without The University of Scranton. The University is a foundational institution in the community and as we do go forward it is paramount that we continue to build together.” Paige Cognetti, mayor of Scranton.

    “At its core, the University continues to fulfill its original vision, rooted in the life of the church as a Catholic and Jesuit university animated by the spiritual vision and tradition of excellence characteristic of the Society of Jesus and those who share its way of proceeding.” Most Reverend Joseph C. Bambera, D.D., J.C.L., Bishop of Scranton,

    “In Father Marina, the board found a skilled academic leader and proven teacher who is also the ideal champion for mission and for community in all its richness.” James Slattery ’86, chair of The University of Scranton Board of Trustees

    “Speaking for all Jesuits, you have our great affection, our prayers and every confidence that you will be a wonderful leader of this amazing place.” Rev. Joseph M. O’Keefe, S.J., provincial of the USA East Province of the Society of Jesus,

    “We are absolutely privileged to have such a kind and thoughtful person leading The University of Scranton community as our new president. We have already noticed Father Marina’s genuine commitment to students and remain excited about the legacy he will leave on this University long after many of us have graduated. … While I’m sure his culinary skills are on point, it’s comforting to know that students aren’t the only ones who set of the fire alarm in Pilarz Hall.” Adrianna O. Smith ’22, president of Student Government

    “More so than any other person I know, Joe has a stunningly acute sacramental vision. What I mean by that is that he sees clearly what is before him, but he also looks through those things, people, relationships, objects, impasses. He looks beyond them to see possibilities and newness. He sees the best of what can be and ultimately he sees how the finger of God is at work in all of it and in all of us.” Rev. Peter Folan, S.J., assistant professor of theology and religious studies at Georgetown University, in the Introduction of the President.

    A recording of the ceremony can be viewed from the Inauguration website.

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