Recent Graduate Spotlight:Jeffrey Colucci '21 Impact Banner

    Recent Graduate Spotlight:Jeffrey Colucci '21

    October 26, 2021

    Jeffrey Colucci '21 recently embarked on his career in accounting. Here, he shares what he's learned on his first month on the job at KPMG as an audit associate.

    As I reflect on my first month as an Audit Associate at KPMG in their New York City Metro practice, I am filled with excitement, nerves and gratitude. During my first week, the new associates had virtual training and we were warmly welcomed to the firm by countless friendly individuals from managers to partners. After I completed the first week of the virtual training, I jumped right into my first engagement and began auditing my first client. I worked on various tasks with my engagement team such as testing expenses, payroll, investments, revenue and more to ensure the financial statements were fairly stated. I had a bit of a heavy workload since it was “busy season” for the client I was assigned to, which has exposed me to various audit procedures and concepts and allowed me to learn more than I ever could have imagined, gaining invaluable technical skills to use on my future engagements. Some days have been challenging as I get acclimated to the new role and do many things for the first time, but the difficult days are the ones where we experience the most growth.

    Despite being in a virtual environment, I never feel alone as it couldn’t be easier to message my team and ask to hop on a phone call to answer all my questions (which I’ve had a ton of), regardless of how busy they are. I have been so impressed and grateful for my team’s support, patience and encouragement thus far and appreciate the knowledge they share with me every day.

    For the second part of my training, I recently visited Lakehouse, KPMG’s new state-of-the-art learning, development, and innovation center in Florida, which is such an incredible facility that it is hard to put into words. Initially, I was so nervous to attend my first in-person event since I didn’t know anyone, but everyone was so friendly, and I was so grateful for the opportunity to meet other new hires and form relationships! It was priceless to attend this training in-person, especially in such a luxurious and innovative facility, to further develop my audit skills and foster new connections. KPMG’s enormous investment in this training facility and their people is impressive and reminded me that I chose the right firm that really cares about its people and their futures. I’m excited to go in the NYC office for the first time in the coming weeks for more technology training and for lunch to meet more individuals at the firm.

    I am so grateful for everyone who helped get me where I am today; my friends and family who are always supporting me, my accounting professors at Scranton for all the knowledge I absorbed from them, all my mentors along the way, and the Center for Career Development who connect students with opportunities such as this one. I’m so excited to see where my career takes me at such a prestigious firm with endless opportunities in front of me!

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