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    DIRB Now Accepting Grant Applications

    Collage of various projects funded by diversity initiatives grants.
    October 4, 2021

    The Diversity Initiatives Review Board is accepting applications for grants in support of creative, educational programs that PROMOTE diversity, provide opportunity for inter-cultural engagement, and expand opportunities for multicultural experiences for our community.

    The Diversity Initiatives Fund is available to campus groups, departments or individuals seeking to promote a greater understanding of diversity through inclusive pedagogies, educational opportunities, multicultural activities and community outreach programs. The grant is intended to launch new, innovative, or educational opportunities for the University community. Recurring projects may apply for funding as well.

    Student applicants and part-time employees are required to have a full-time staff or full-time faculty sponsor. Student Clubs are required to have approval of the club moderator and the Coordinator of Student Clubs and Organizations. Individual staff members and non-full-time faculty must obtain approval from their supervisor or department chair, respectively. Sponsorship or approval must be obtained prior to applying for the grant.

    To view previous projects and awards, and review the 21-22 grant guidelines and application, please click here.

    Applications will be accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis.** Semester deadlines for applications are November 30 and April 30, with the Review Board meeting in December and May of each academic year to discuss approval.

    **Note: The DIRB will be meeting Friday, October 15. Applications submitted by Oct. 14 will be considered at this meeting. Questions on the application process may be sent to

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