University Students Explore Local Cafes in First-Ever CSA Java Journey 

Scranton’s cafes hosted University of Scranton students during the Commuter Student Association’s Java Journey event.  
University Students Explore Local Cafes in First-Ever CSA Java Journey 

On Thursday, Nov. 18 The University of Scranton's Commuter Student Association (CSA) in partnership with the Office of Community and Government Relations hosted the first-ever “Java Journey” event offering 60 University students the opportunity to explore six of the many enjoyable cafes in Scranton. 

Inspired by the success of their first “Scranton Restaurant Fest” held last spring, the CSA wanted to offer a new event to provide University students with a chance to visit some of the great cafes in Scranton.  

“The Commuter Student Association wanted to continue the success they had with Restaurant Fest in the spring but do something a little different. The CSA board enjoys connecting both residents and commuters with the Scranton community and local partners, so this was a perfect event to reach that goal,” said Kayla Betacchini, assistant director, Center for Student Engagement. 

CSA members realize that local cafes are an ideal spot for college students, offering specialty coffee and tea drinks, snacks, free Wi-Fi, and, for some, even free parking. With so many great spots in Scranton, this event was a natural fit for the CSA to host.  

"This event was a great opportunity to get students acquainted with the local coffee shops. I've heard nothing but great things from everyone who participated, and I think that there are many people who've found their new favorite place. I'm so glad that I got to organize such a fun event for students and to cooperate with the community that I live in," said Jimmy Greenfield '22, CSA president and Scranton native.  

Exposing all University students to the many great local businesses and places to enjoy in and around the city of Scranton is at the core of the CSA’s mission. Many members love our city and hope to share this love with students that are new to Scranton who call our city home during their time at the University.  

The participating cafes were equally excited to welcome Scranton students, especially University students that have never found their businesses before. Cheerful balloons, University of Scranton-themed cookies, signs, and welcoming staff are just some of the ways that the local cafes let University students know that Scranton is ready to welcome them in and to inspire the students to come back again.  

“This was such a fun event to run! I hope it becomes a new CSA tradition!” said Chloe Calabro ‘22, CSA vice president.

Participating cafes included: Adezzo, the Blackwatch Café, Commonwealth Coffeehouse, Heaven and Earth Gift Shop and Café, Northern Light Espresso Bar and Café, and Zummo's Café. 

With the cool winter weather and finals approaching, University students can find great places to study, relax, and meet with friends in Scranton’s cafes. Additionally, many cafes offer college student discounts. For a listing of Royal ID discounts, University of Scranton students can visit the Office of Community and Government Relations Royal Card Downtown website.

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