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All students, faculty and staff are invited to experience the culture and cuisine of Ethiopia, March 29.
Lensa Keno '24; the flag of Ethiopia.
Lensa Keno '24; the flag of Ethiopia.

Ethiopia, the birthplace of -- wait for it -- coffee! Yes, our beloved beverage originated in Ethiopia, a landlocked, volcanic country in east Africa. Students, faculty and staff are invited to the second spring Global Insights presentation, March 29  at 11:30 a.m. in the Rose Room, Brennan Hall 509. Lensa Keno '24, graduate teaching assistant and student in health administration will present. Cultural cuisine will be offered at this event. Registration is required. 

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Lensa Keno grew up in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. She related how welcoming and friendly the Ethiopian people are. Her favorite activities are "hanging out with family and friends, going to the movies and eating ice cream." 

A special part of socializing is the coffee ceremony.  Keno explained that having coffee in her home country is more than just sitting and drinking a cup.  The women of the group take the time to prepare and roast the beans. They grind them and brew the coffee, which is served in small cups for sipping while chatting and sharing personal experiences.

Keno says the country is full of natural wonders and historic sites, including Rock-Hewan Churches of Lalibela (listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List), the Sof Omar Cave and Awash National Park. One of the most significant discoveries in human evolution was unearthed in Ethiopia. She will reveal this treasure during her presentation.

Keno is looking forward to presenting a fresh look at Ethiopia, its history, country and people.

"Diversity is the one true thing we have in common. Celebrate it every day," she said.

This program is being offered by the Office of Global Education, the Cross Cultural Centers, Residence Life and the Office of Equity and Diversity. For more information, please contact or 570-941-4841.

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