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    Senior Spotlight: Alyssa Lamparelli '22

    Alyssa Lamparelli '22
    March 15, 2022

    This week's senior spotlight is with Alyssa Lamparelli, Palmerton, Pennsylvania, a marketing major and social media strategies minor.

    What are your career goals?

    After graduating, I plan to go to London, England to get a master's in marketing communications at the University of Westminster.

    Tell us about a professional/service/internship experience you had.

    I am currently a marketing intern at the University of Scranton Small Business Development Center. I get to work with clients to give them marketing resources, like market research, target market profiles or a marketing plan, customized to their business goals and objectives.

    What was the best class you’ve taken in college? 

    I have enjoyed most of the classes I have taken in college. Some of my favorites were the ones that I took to fulfill the general education requirements because I got to learn about topics I don’t usually get to take as a business major, like an art history course where I got to take a trip to the MET museum to see the art I had been learning about and a psychology class where I’m learning about the brain and human nature.

    What's your favorite Scranton tradition?

    I love the USPB New York City trips. My friends and I have gone on the trip every semester it was offered and always look forward to them!

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