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    Fortune Picks Scranton Among Best Online MBAs

    Fortune ranked The University of Scranton’s online MBA program at No. 62 in the nation in its 2022 ranking of the “Best Online MBA Programs” published on April 6.
    April 19, 2022

    The University of Scranton was ranked among Fortune’s “Best Online MBA Programs” listing, placing at No. 62 in the nation. This is the second year of the ranking by Fortune and is also the second year Fortune included Scranton among America’s “Best Online MBA Programs.”

    For the ranking, Fortune looked at the quality of the online MBA program at the colleges as measured by their students’ average undergraduate GPA and GMAT score, the number of students enrolled, the colleges’ first-year retention rate and its graduation rate, which accounted for 62.5 percent of the overall ranking score. Fortune partnered with Ipsos to survey 2,500 business professionals and hiring managers to produce a measurement of the “brand appeal” of the college, or “how much a group of people want to recruit from the university” (20 percent). Fortune also counted the number of Fortune 1000 executives who earned an MBA from the college (17.5 percent).

    Fortune’s “Best Online MBA Programs” ranking was published online on April 6.

    Scranton was also ranked at No. 55 in the nation in Fortune’s 2021-2022 listing of the “Best Part-time MBA Programs.”

    Earlier this year, U.S. News & World Report ranked Scranton’s online master’s degree programs in business (excluding MBA) at No. 55; and its online MBA program at No. 98 in the nation in its “Best Online Programs” guide. U.S. News also ranked Scranton at No. 65 in the country for “Best Online MBA Programs for Veterans.”

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