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    Mental Health Awareness Month, ENI Newsletter

    May 11, 2022

    ENI is your Employee Assistance Program provider here at The University of Scranton.

    Free Confidential Assistance can be accessed at or 1-800-327-2255 or by downloading the mobile app: BalanceBenefits.Total Wellbeing Newsletter - May EditionMental health is wealth, especially during Mental Health Awareness Month, which is celebrated in May. The stigma around mental health and treatment has long existed, even though this has started to change. Still, people hesitate to seek help or even talk about it with their loved ones for fear of being judged and facing unnecessary backlash. Simp le logic dictates that if we are hurt anywhere, we must seek treatment to get better. This applies to both our mental- and physical well-being. While Mental Health Awareness Month is celebrated in the U.S., a more universal day is also celebrated by the WHO onOctober 10, and it is known as World Mental Health Day.How to Observe Mental Health Awareness Month1. Take care of yourselfLife has numerous ups and downs. Some are solvable but others not so much.When your mental health acts up, seek the right treatment and make yourself betterbecause, after all, life has much more to offer than just pain and suffering.2. Take care of your loved onesCheck up on your friends and family. Many times, all people need is a shoulder to cryon and/or an ear to listen. Support and encourage them if they are being treated forany mental problems.3. Talk about mental healthOne of the best ways to celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month is by talkingabout it with your peers. The more you talk about it, the more normalized it willbecome. This is one of the aims of the month as the stigma attached to mentalhealth has led to countless delays in treatment AND research on the matter.Why We Love Mental Health Awareness Month1. It’s a celebration of mental healthThe only way to enjoy life to the fullest and experience all its wonders is if we takecare of ourselves, mentally and physically. Don’t shy away from talking about what’splaguing you because it might not be your fault, no matter how much society tellsyou otherwise.2. It’s a celebration of changing attitudesWe have come a long way from the times when mental patients were treated asoutcasts, not only by their loved ones but also by medical professionals. Times havestarted changing and more and more people are changing their outlook on mentalillnesses. However, we still have a long way to go.3. It’s a celebration of humansWe humans are a set of meticulously-put-together details. Our minds (and bodies)work in harmony to bring us amazing feats in technology, science, humanities,literature, etc. Our mental power, therefore, needs to be taken care of for abetter tomorrow for the coming generations.Please see links below for further resources: 

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