Teresa A. Grettano, Ph.D. associate professor at University of Scranton addresses the audience at Spirituality Luncheon

    Spirituality Luncheon celebrates closing of Ignatian Year

    Teresa A. Grettano, Ph.D. associate professor in the English and Theatre department at University of Scranton shares a discussion topic with staff and faculty at a July 28 Spirituality Luncheon.
    August 3, 2022

    On Thursday, July 26, The University of Scranton Jesuit Center hosted a Spirituality Luncheon for staff and faculty as part of celebrations to commemorate the Feast of St. Ignatius and the end of The Ignatian Year.

    Guest speakers included Daniel Cosacchi, Ph.D., vice president for mission and ministry, Teresa A. Grettano, Ph.D., PHD, MA, BA, associate professor in the English and Theatre department, and Ryan Sheehan, J.D., executive director of the Jesuit Center at The University.

    Sheehan welcomed the crowd of more than 80 in attendance and described one of the missions of the Sprituality Luncheons, which generally take place three times each year.

    "They provide an opportunity to bring people together in good conversation and good fellowship," said Sheehan.

    Dr. Grettano opened by explaining that the Ignatian Year allowed her to reflect on how the process has changed her life, including the way she responded to a 2015 breast cancer diagnosis.

    "It has helped so much through the difficult times... I was able to respond to that diagnosis with Ignatian indifference, because I had been taught that here. The freedom that attitude gives you in times of hardship is a beautiful gift."

    Dr. Grettano introduced a group discussion topic of how Ignatian Spirituality plays out in professional and personal life, and asked a spokesperson from each table to share their experience.

    Mary Ann Maslar, Office Manager and Administrative Assistant for the Dean College of Arts and Sciences said:
    "We have all levels of community here, and we're very blessed to have that," Maslar said.

    Therese Kurilla, A.BS, MBA, Grants Manager shared a perspective on establishing positive interactions with students.

    "We can be helping our students by learning to step back and listen first," Kurilla said.

    Last week, The University of Scranton joined Jesuit colleges and universities across the world to mark the close of “The Ignatian Year,” a year-long, worldwide celebration of the 500thanniversary of the transformation of St. Ignatius, the founder of the Society of Jesus.

    The University lit its Class of 2020 gateway sign with a white cross and purple background the evenings of July 28 to July 31, the Feast Day of St. Ignatius and the official closing date of The Ignatian Year.

    Other activities included an a ice cream social for faculty and staff on Friday, July 29, hosted by Rev. Joseph Marina, S.J., president, and Daniel Cosacchi, Ph.D., vice president for Mission and Ministry at the University.

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