Several Diversity Initiatives Grant programs at The University of Scranton.

    Diversity Initiatives Review Board Now Accepting Applications

    Several Diversity Initiatives Grant programs at The University of Scranton.
    October 5, 2022

    The University of Scranton Strategic Plan 2020 highlights diversity and inclusion as one of the five main goals: “Diversity & Inclusion - A Welcoming and Supportive Community: Reflect and understand the diversity of the world by demanding that diversity be a priority as we build an inclusive community and campus culture, develop and deliver our education and shape our student experience.”

    The Diversity Initiatives Review Board is accepting applications for grants to support creative, educational programs that promote diversity, provide opportunity for inter-cultural engagement and expand opportunities for multicultural experiences for our community.

    With the strategic plan goal in mind, we have committed to “expand both required and in-time orientation, training and leadership programming and resources for students, faculty, and staff that promote inclusion and cultural understanding, furthering our collective ability to be a more welcoming and respectful campus community.”

    Some of the campus initiatives that have been made possible by this grant are:
    • TA Talks featuring the teaching assistants in the World Languages and Cultures department; 

    • Safe Zone Training through the Cultural Centers; 

    • Festival of Nations hosted by the Multicultural Center; 

    • Holi Festival of Colors through the Asia Club and Asian Studies department; 

    • Justice on Tour through Office of Community Outreach;

    • the Annual disAbilites Conference keynote speakers including RJ Mitte, through the Panuska College;

    • Safe Zone training;

    • the Weinberg Library International Film Festival;

    • Hope Horn Gallery exhibitions and lectures

    • art exhibits, multicultural music events and many more.

    The Diversity Initiatives Fund is available to students, faculty and staff, campus groups, departments or individuals seeking to promote a greater understanding of diversity through inclusive pedagogies, educational opportunities, multicultural activities and community outreach programs. The grant is intended to launch new, innovative, or educational opportunities for the University community. Recurring projects may apply for funding as well.

    Please visit the Diversity Initiatives webpage for a full list of recent award winners, and to access the guidelines and application.

    Applications will be accepted, reviewed and approved on a rolling basis. Semester deadlines for applications are November 30 and April 30. Questions on the application process may be sent to Jennifer.pennington@scranton.edu.

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