Faculty-Student PILLAR Program Deadline Dec. 2

The PILLAR Program is still accepting applications from faculty members and students for the Spring 2023 semester.
 Three rows of faculty and students who participated in the fall PILLAR 2022.
Twenty-four faculty and students participated in the fall 2022 PILLAR program.

The PILLAR program is still accepting applications from faculty members and students for the Spring 2023 semester. Partners in learning, leadership, and reflection (PILLAR) is a pedagogical partnership program that pairs faculty and students in one-on-one relationships to create, support, and enhance inclusive learning environments that encourage and value all learners at The University of Scranton. The deadline to apply is Friday, Dec. 2.

 Who should apply for the PILLAR program?

  • Faculty wishing to make their classrooms and teaching more inclusive who are interested in learning from the student perspective

  • Students with a vested interest in diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusion who are interested in being paid to share their expertise and experience as a student with faculty

 All participants will be provided training, resources, and a stipend to support this important work.

Reflections from past PILLAR participants

Here are a few reflections from past PILLAR participants.

“Personally, this partnership has inspired me to engage in a continuous process of self-reflection that has resulted in increasing my knowledge about DEI and improving my teaching pedagogy. In addition to improving my teaching, I am more confident in engaging in the ‘difficult’ discussions or making microaggressions visible within my academic community and in my home life.” – PILLAR faculty partner

"The PILLAR Program has created an avenue through which we can begin to re-imagine pedagogy and begin to move past what has been established as ‘traditional’ ways of teaching. By breaking down the power dynamics of the classroom and the student-teacher relationship, this program has created a space where the experiences, ideas and concerns [of students] are validated. As a student at the university, the program has given me a platform to speak on my perspective as a student and try to cultivate an academic setting that is inclusive, diverse, equitable, and comfortable (for marginalized students).” – PILLAR student partner

Want to participate? Find details here.

For more information, please read the Spring 2023 PILLAR Calendar and the PILLAR Program Guidelines for Student and Faculty Partners (the Student Partner Job Description is on page 5 of the Guidelines and the Faculty Partner Expectations can be found on page 6 of the Guidelines).

* Faculty application: PILLAR faculty partner application

* Student application: PILLAR student partner application 

Questions? Contact Jenny Whittaker, PILLAR Program Coordinator, at jennifer.whittaker@scranton.edu, Amelia Randich, PILLAR Program Faculty Coordinator, at amelia.randich@scranton.edu, or Ayana McCalla, PILLAR Program Student Coordinator, at ayana.mccalla@scranton.edu.


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