Kuwaiti Fulbright Scholar Hosts Cultural Program

Stations featured assorted cultural activities to provide an immersive experience.
Left half of image features a woman displaying flags of Kuwait. Right half of the image features a crowded room with the woman at a podium with large screens behind her
Arabic Fulbright Teaching Assistant Badoor Albuloushi is shown at a recent cultural program that she hosted to educate the University community about her native country, Kuwait.

A cultural event celebrating Kuwait was held on Feb. 22, hosted by the Arabic Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant (FLTA) Badoor Albuloushi. Nearly 100 guests attended.

“It was great, and I’m so happy with the event!” she said.

Through an informative speech and trivia, guests learned about Kuwait and its culture. They also learned how to write their name and short phrases in Arabic.

Activity tables provided an immersive experience, including one station for refreshments such as Arabic coffee, Saffron tea, Karak tea, and Kuwaiti sweets. At another station, guests were invited to put on beautiful henna designs.

At a photo booth, attendees wore Kuwaiti traditional outfits and took pictures with friends. 

Many stayed after the event concluded.

Albuloushi, born in Kuwait, studied teaching English as a second language at Kuwait University and earned a master’s degree and Ph.D. in Special Education, Gifted Education at Arabian Gulf University in Bahrain. Earlier in the academic year, she shared her background in an introduction to the University community.

"I am the head of the English department at Al Rajaa School for Girls, Special Education. I taught English as a second language to primary school, middle school, high school up to university level. I also taught American sign language to Arabic deaf and hard of hearing students for four years.

In my free time I love to paint in my art studio, visit the art gallery, or hang out with friends. I love teaching and I enjoy it."

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