Club Spotlight: University of Scranton Men's Club Volleyball

Conor Kellough '24 says The University of Scranton Men's Club Volleyball offers camaraderie and competition against other skilled teams.
men's club volleyball team on the court at a game
University of Scranton Men's Club Volleyball plays against many club teams, as well as some DIII teams. Games, shown, are usually best of three sets, though occasionally are best of five, said Conor Kellough '24. Photos courtesy Kendra Robles ‘26
'My favorite part of volleyball is seeing myself and the team improve. ... I can see the work that my teammates put in every practice."- Conor Kellough '24

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Club: University of Scranton Men's Club Volleyball

Meet: Conor Kellough '24,  from Harleysville, Pennsylvania, shown below, is a physics major with minors in philosophy and mathematics.

Volleyball Club Position: Libero  

Connect: @uofsmensvolleyball

By: Gabriella Petti ’24, student correspondent

image.jpgQ: How did you get involved in club volleyball?  

"As a freshman, I was looking for a sport to get involved in and a friend suggested we both try out for the volleyball team. It was a somewhat small group, but I enjoyed tryouts and the company the team provided, and before I knew it I was hooked."  

Q: Did you have any experience playing volleyball before joining a club team?   

"Nope. All my life I played soccer, and the most competitive experience I had prior was high school gym volleyball."    

Q: What does the club tournament look like?  

"Tournaments are usually composed of four to six teams that visit for two to three games. Many of these teams are club teams, like ours, but we play against some DIII teams as well. These games are usually best of three sets, though occasionally are best of five."  

Q: How competitive is it?  

"We face lots of similarly skilled teams, making for fierce and competitive matchups. While anyone can try out, all players on the team love the sport and work to improve themselves as players."   

Q: What is your favorite part of volleyball?  

"My favorite part of volleyball is seeing myself and the team improve. I always strive to make myself a better player, and I can see the work that my teammates put in every practice. Seeing this pay off in a game against a good team is a thrill, and the energy after a won point or set is infectious. Furthermore, as libero I specialize in defense, and there is something to be said for denying the other team a good hit and granting my team another opportunity to get the point."    

Q: What has been your most memorable moment from volleyball?  

"One of the most memorable moments was likely from the most recent tournament. I had just dove for a pass, but it went a bit over the net. As the other team went to hit it back over immediately I, from the ground, was able to reach and save the ball again. Pushing myself and giving my team another chance was exhilarating and felt almost cinematic."  

Q: How often do you practice?  

"We practice three times a week, usually Monday and Wednesday nights as well as midday Saturday."  

Q: Why should people join club volleyball?  

"I highly recommend checking out club volleyball due to the camaraderie and payoff of effort. At practices we have a good mix of games and drills, allowing for improvement and enjoyment of the game. Though it is a commitment, tournaments and games are high energy, exciting events where we compete against other skilled teams. Tryouts are admittedly competitive, but everyone who is interested is welcome and encouraged to come."   
Photo courtesy Kendra Robles ‘26

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