Registration Ongoing for May 6 Student-Led Soccerfest

Interested teams, guaranteed to play four games, must register to participate by May 2 at Students in a sports event management course led by Dr. Ovidiu Cocieru assembled the 6v6 tournament.
four people standing behind a table of pamphlets and posters with a soccer field behind them
Students in a sports event management course led by Dr. Ovidiu Cocieru organized a May 6 Soccerfest for the University community and area high school students. Shown, publicizing the event and recruiting players at a table sit at Riverfront Sports Complex in Scranton are Olivia Clough '24, Marilena Kumbios '23, Jake Connellan '23 and Angelina Giannakopoulos '24.

Joseph DeFeoOrganizing an upcoming May 6 Soccerfest for area high school students and University community reaffirmed a goal for Joey DeFeo '23, shown. The University of Scranton marketing major said the project, part of a sports event management course led by Dr. Ovidiu Cocieru, strengthened his interest in sports marketing.

"My goal for the class was to come away with more knowledge in the topic of sports event management, as well as marketing. This course has enhanced my interest in a career in the field of sports marketing," said DeFeo.

The senior from Berkeley Heights, New Jersey and a few other students in the course unified efforts to assemble a May 6 tournament that caters to the campus community and area high school students.

The Soccerfest is scheduled to start at 9 a.m. at the University's Fitzpatrick Field. Designed as a fun and friendly 6v6 tournament, the event invites six to 10 players per team, guaranteed to play four games. Cost per team is $80 and includes a day full of activities, food, and, of course, soccer.

Interested participants must register by May 2 at

DeFeo said he honed newly-acquired expertise in the process.

"One skill from this class that I have incorporated into the preparation for Soccerfest was the use of graphic design in Canva to create the flyer and social media posts for our Instagram marketing campaign," he said.

Among the group's efforts to enlist teams and publicize the first-time event, they:
* hosted table sits during events at the Riverfront Sports Complex in Scranton,
* visited area high schools and
* contacted schools within a 30-mile radius of the University.

DeFeo said the significant amount of collaboration required and tasks to be accompllished to create one community event surprised him. 

Engaging with the community and gaining new skills makes the project a success from DeFeo's perspective.

"I am really looking forward to hosting the soccer tournament to see the outcome of all the hard work we have done this semester."

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