Language Studies Opens Doors for Alumni

Scranton alumni discuss the postgraduate opportunities related to language studies.
Alumnae Crysta O’Donnell '22, shown at left, and Carolina Murphy '22.
Alumnae Crysta O’Donnell '22, shown at left, and Carolina Murphy '22.

Recent graduates, Crysta O’Donnell '22 and Carolina Murphy '22 studied a language at The University of Scranton and it has opened many doors for them.

Andorra is a tiny country located between Spain and France, among the southern peaks of the Pyrenees Mountains. This microstate is also the destination of O’Donnell, one of the two ambassadors chosen last year by the Fulbright organization to represent the United States abroad during the 2022-2023 academic year.

“I am really thrilled. I could not believe it when I was informed that I had been awarded the Fulbright,” explains O'Donnell.

She graduated last May with a double major in International Studies and Hispanic Studies and a minor in French. Now, O'Donnell will have the chance to put in motion all the skills she developed at The University of Scranton. Andorrans speak Spanish and French.

“And I’ve been told that I will have to learn Catalan too, the official language of the country,” she added.

Her position is the English Teaching Assistant in the Escola Andorrana, one of the education systems of the small country. Andorra is technically a principality whose Heads of State are the President of France and the Bishop of Urgel, Spain. It has an elected Parliament and Government, though. The country is known for its sky stations and duty-free stores.

“This is the opportunity of a lifetime,” said O'Donnell before leaving Scranton.

The other University recipient of the Fulbright grant was Peter Amicucci '22, major in business administration. His destination will be further north in Europe: Finland.

Murphy ended her tenure at The University of Scranton with a bang. Last May at the Class Night ceremony she received the Professor Joseph G. Brunner Award for Excellence in Foreign Languages.

“I am very honored to be receiving this award, and I am excited my hard work over the past four years here at Scranton has paid off! This award gives me the opportunity to represent the department that has supported me during my time here and inspires me to continue my hard work,” said Murphy.

She graduated in May with a double major in finance and Spanish studies and a minor in business leadership. 

“I have been passionate about studying Spanish since middle school and am grateful to have pursued it throughout my academic career. I would highly recommend studying a foreign language, it has given me incredible opportunities in learning about a diverse group of cultures, meaningful traditions, and connecting with people I otherwise could not communicate with,” Murphy said. Her 4.0 GPA in Spanish studies demonstrates her passion for the program.


-- Submitted by: Jaime Meilán del Río, Faculty Specialist, Department of World Languages and Cultures

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