Beyond Trigger Warnings: Integrating Trauma Informed Pedagogy

The lecture/workshop series raises awareness for trauma informed pedagogy practices in the classroom and campus life.
Nicole Bedera, Ph.D., researcher, sociologist and co-founder Beyond Consulting, LLC
Nicole Bedera, Ph.D., researcher, sociologist and co-founder Beyond Consulting, LLC

The Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence in collaboration with the Office of Equity and Diversity, and through a PA State It's On US grant, will present a two-part series on how faculty and staff can support students who have suffered sexual assault.

On April 18, Nicole Bedera, Ph.D., researcher and co-founder of Beyond Consulting, LLC, will present  "Beyond Trigger Warnings: A Survivor-Centered Approach to Teaching Sexual Violence and Avoiding Institutional Betrayal," an informational lecture that includes current research and statistics on sexual assault and its impact on education. Bedera will present case studies and best practices that faculty can implement in their courses to support students who have experienced sexual assault.  

Part 2 on April 25, consists of a workshop for employees who attended the lecture. "Integrating Trauma-Informed Pedagogical Practices into Faculty Courses," includes exercises using scenarios that faculty and staff may encounter with students and how to implement trauma-informed pedagogy in the classroom.  The workshop is designed to explore how individual course policies and content can either support or further traumatize those who have experienced sexual assault.  

Registration is required for both Zoom programs. The workshop is available to those who attend the Part 1 lecture. 

Register for the "Beyond Trigger Warnings..." lecture and/or workshop.

Nicole Bedera, Ph.D., is a sociologist/researcher whose work has centered around discovering the predictability of sexual violence based on culture and social constructs. Determining predictability factors, Bedera then works on developing and teaching prevention methods and supportive practices. 

Bedera's work has been published in The New York Times, NPR, Time Magazine, SlateTeen Vogue and other academic journals.1

As part of her action initiative, Bedera co-founded Beyond Consulting with Dr. Jacqueline Cruz.

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