Club Spotlight: Scranton Alliance for Equity Promotes Inclusivity with a Variety of Events

The President and Vice President of Scranton Alliance for Equity, or SAFE, said the club will host a weekend of Pride activities in April, including a late-night bingo and karaoke celebration on April 6 and a pre-Pride silent march on April 8.
three people at a table on a lawn. In front of them a poster features the letter LGBTQ+
Benjamin Camp, Vice President of Scranton Alliance for Equity, or SAFE, shown above left, said SAFE meetings take place in the Multicultural Center lounge every other week..

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ben-burman-personal-photo1.jpgClub: Scranton Alliance for Equity


Meet: Ben Burman '26, shown at left, is a biochemistry major from Forest City and the President of SAFE. Benjamin Camp '25, shown at right, is a journalism and electronic media – broadcasting track major from Waterbury, Connecticut and the Vice President of SAFE.

Connect: @uofssafespace on Instagram

By: Ryan Sophabmixay '24, student correspondent 

Q: What is SAFE’s mission?

Ben Burman: “SAFE’s mission is to increase the diversity and equity on campus, with most of our work focusing on promoting queer visibility. We do many events, both serious and fun, with the goal of creating a safe space and making sure all students feel welcome here at Scranton.” 

Q: What, in your opinion, are the most exciting events or activities you present as a club?

BB: “In the fall, we have a coffeehouse event that coincides with the Human Rights Campaign’s National Coming Out Day. That is early in October every year, and it gives incoming first year students a chance to meet people who have experienced some of the same joys and fears that they have. In the spring, we have an entire Pride weekend planned! On Saturday, April 6, we will have a fun late-night event with bingo, karaoke, and other events to celebrate our community here at Scranton. On Monday, April 8, we will have a pre-Pride silent march, where we will walk campus with signs celebrating queer identity and protesting recent legislature targeting the LGBTQ+ community.” 

Q: Why would you recommend someone join?

BB: “If diversity work is something that is important to you, if you are a member of the LGBTQ+ community, or if you are an ally who wants to help bring things like Pride parades here to Scranton, then this club is for you! This club is for anyone, and if it interests you then you should join.” 

Q: Why did you join the club?                

BB: “Joining SAFE was one of the very first things that I did when I settled into college life, because I was very concerned that I would not have spaces where I am accepted or people who understand. I feel like that is a very common concern among new and prospective students who have a queer identity, and I wish to make this campus as visibly open and accepting as possible.” 

Q: Please share the format of a typical meeting. When and where does the club meet and how can someone who is interested find out more about it? 

Benjamin Camp: “This semester, we are making it more casual. We still meet at the Multicultural Center, but we meet at the lounge area. We still introduce every member and their qualities, plus any upcoming events. For planning any upcoming events, we give insight to our members so they can have a voice in what we do. We also make it conversation focused so everyone has the chance to know each other better. We want a safer space to include everyone and for them have authentic conversations with everyone.” 

Q: Anything we have not asked about that you’d like to mention?

BC: "The board members of SAFE are working harder than ever by having board meetings every week to discuss our ideas for the club. When we propose these ideas, we try to see how we can bring these events to life through our resources and logistics. Our goal is to stay more ambitious compared to the previous semesters, so we can inform more people of who we are and invite them to join our meetings and events.” 



Shown above, from left, are SAFE Club officers and members: Secretary Kathryn Moore, Emily Gotiangco, Vice President Benjamin Camp and President Ben Burman.

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