Club Spotlight: Cheerleading Team

The mission of The University of Scranton Cheerleading Team is to serve as ambassadors for the University, as well as create a family that athletes can turn to at any point in time.
Club Spotlight: Cheerleading Team

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By Felicia Domiano, Student Correspondent

cheerClub: Cheerleading Team

Meet: Leandra Rodriguez ’26, shown, a health promotion major from Queens, New York, and the secretary of the cheer team.

Connect: @universityofscrantoncheer 

Q: What is your team’s mission?

"The University of Scranton Cheerleading Team's mission is to be an ambassador for our school in and out of uniform, as well as create a family that athletes can turn to at any point in time."

Q: What, in your opinion, are the most exciting events or activities you present?

"In my opinion the most exciting events we present at are Men’s and Women’s basketball games at our very own John Long Center and UCA Nationals in Orlando, Florida competing in the Open All Girl GameDay Division. This is a huge part of our season. Going to UCA overnight camp in the summer is a vital part in our game day and nationals' preparation when we are working vigorously on new skills, cheers and team bonding for the upcoming season."

Q: Why would you recommend someone join University of Scranton Cheer Team?

"I would recommend that someone join the University of Scranton cheer team to not only to become involved within the University community, but also to become a part of a hardworking uplifting community you can call a family on and off of the mat."

Q: Why did you join?

"I joined The University of Scranton Cheer Team to pursue my love and passion for the sport at a higher level. I could not imagine my school life without the structure and discipline cheerleading has given me. Being able to connect with upperclassman going to UCA camp prior to moving on campus when I was entering a new environment as a freshman gave me a sense of comfort and belonging on campus."

Q: Please share the format of a typical meeting/practice.

"Typically, in season we practice three times a week, in the Byron Center. Our practices consist of going over cheers, fight song dances, and stunting skills for game days. Leading up to nationals, we consistently practice our competition routine and team bonding activities.

Post season we practice around one to two times a week to stay consistent with skills for the upcoming season. In season and post season we also cheer for our very own Royals and Lady Royals in the John Long Center on Wednesday nights and Saturday afternoons."


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