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By: Kayla Johnson and Kassie Dunn

Get to Know: The Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence

Helpful tips for navigating CTLE and the Writing Center.
Get to Know: The Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence
The University of Scranton’s Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence (CTLE) -- located on the fifth floor of the Loyola Science Center and hosted in the library -- fosters and upholds the idea that teaching and learning, in line with the Ignatian values, are all part of maintaining a strong sense of community on campus.

"The CTLE is the hub for student support on campus. We work with students in various capacities: we offer tutoring (both drop-in and appointment), academic coaching, reading assistance, and accommodations for students with disabilities. We also have a full writing center where we work with students to help them become more confident in their writing skills,” said Amye Archer, CTLE Writing Center coordinator. “On any given day the CTLE is bustling with students and staff members working together to achieve academic success. The CTLE also assists faculty members through our instructional technology support and faculty development. In essence, the CTLE is the very embodiment of the Ignationtradition of cura personalis: individual attention to students and respect for the uniqueness of each member of the University community."

The CTLE, along with the library, works with faculty and students to form an atmosphere that encourages student learning, the use of technology and faculty improvement. The CTLE often provides faculty and students the chance to work side-by-side to develop a positive environment as well as teach the students how to improve their academic performance.

Don’t know how to sign up? Check out the steps below:

How to sign up for a tutor:

1.) Log in to

2.) Go to Self Service

3.) Click on Student & Financial Aid

4.) Select CTLE Menu

5.) Tutor Request Form

6.) Read and Review the guidelines

7.) Accept

8.) Select what classes you need help with

For any other questions check out the CTLE page, here.
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