Daily Devotional by Rev. Timothy Cadigan, S.J.

Advent 2017 Daily Devotional reflection and prayers with Rev. Timothy Cadigan, S.J..
Daily Devotional by Rev. Timothy Cadigan, S.J.
Experience the Lord in the Eucharist. In prayer and song, in the company of others.- Rev. Timothy Cadigan, S.J.

Sunday, DEC. 10 reflection

A blessed event, 2000 years old, blesses and informs our lives today. John the Baptist’s call, "Prepare a way for the Lord!" Our Lord with us, already known. We encounter our Lord in the Word, the Eucharist, common prayer and, our encounters with one another, each and everyone we meet. Each made in the image and likeness of God, and for the Christian, configured by Baptism unto Christ.

Advent, 2017, “Prepare a way for the Lord."
Do I prepare a way?
Do I look, notice the presence of Christ in others? If yes, do I ever talk about it?
Does what I say and do set the stage for another to be the good creation they were meant to be?
Do my words and actions encourage another to be more like Christ for me, for others?

Advent, busy about many things. Make the time, encounter the Lord in the written Word and homilies. Experience the Lord in the Eucharist. In prayer and song, in the company of others. And, by recognizing and encouraging that which is Christ like in all we meet. First and foremost, at home. And in the halls of work or school. And the brief encounter with strangers.

Let our posture be humble, that of the Baptist. Say to yourself, “this one before me, right now, is more powerful than I. And, I am not worthy to be the servant who unties his/her sandal strap.” For the one standing before me can make the presence of Christ and the power of God real in the world. And I, unworthy as I am, have been asked by God to help this one be that more perfect creature, that living icon of Christ. Allow others to be the generous presence of Christ. A permission that only you can give.

Be John the Baptist in Advent, 2017.

-Rev. Timothy Cadigan, S.J.
Assistant Professor, Biology


Lord, my God, help me to serve you in ways old and new. Open my eyes and ears to the beauty of my brothers and sisters. Give me the courage and the cleverness to place them before myself. Thy will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven. Amen

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