Spring 2020 Domestic Travel Course Offering

    November 6, 2019

    Students, join Dr. Michael Friedman in a travel course to Staunton, Virginia.

    ENLT 184: Shakespeare in Staunton

    Couse meets:
    MWF 1-1:50 (from Jan. 29-Mar. 13)
    Travel component (Mar. 15-22, during Spring Break)
    MWF 1-1:50 (from Mar. 23-Apr. 3)

    Trip Includes:
    -Transportation to Staunton, Virginia, for a one-week residency at the American Shakespeare Center (ASC)
    -Tickets to five live performances of plays by Shakespeare
    -Two filmed perfomances of ASC production of Shakespeare plays
    -Fifteen tours, lectures, and workshops on various theatrical topics
    -Excursions to the Frontier Culture Museum and the Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library
    -Final Banquet

    Project cost: $1,000 (depending on number of students registered)
    Registration is required. Please see Dr. Michael Friedman, CLP 210 or email or for more information.

    This course counts as a Humanities Elective (CL) or as a major elective for English majors. It may be taken as part of a student's regular load in the Spring semester, so it offers a way to take a travel course without adding the extra tuition costs associated with Intersession or Summer travel courses.

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