Francis P. Boland, MD Memorial Scholarship

    February 28, 2020


    Francis P. Boland, MD Memorial Scholarship

    Eligibility Requirements

    1. Candidates for this award must be considered juniors in 2020-2021 and intend to graduate in May 2022.
    2. First consideration will be given to sons and daughters of the Regional Hospital of Scranton (formerly the Mercy Hospital family). Family is intended to signify persons affiliated with the hospital. If there is no candidate associated with the Regional Hospital of Scranton (formerly the Mercy Hospital), consideration will then be given to Lackawanna County residents.
    3. Candidates for the award should intend to pursue a medical degree. The award recipient will be a declared pre-med student.
    4. Candidates must submit a profile including G.P.A., class work and extra-curricular involvement.
    5. Candidates must also submit a one-page typed essay expressing their goals in medicine.
    6. The candid ate will be selected based on merit. Financial need will only be used as the determining factor for a final decision when there is a tie.
    7. Deadline for submitting applications is Friday, March 27, 2020.

    For questions about eligibility or the application process, contact:

    The Financial Aid Office, St. Thomas Hall, Suite 401

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