Don '72, G'74 and Rosemary Broderick '76, G'80, G'89

broderickwedding.jpgDon and Rosemary were introduced by a mutual friend in the University's student affairs building.

Where was your first date?

At a University of Scranton function, after the Snowball event in 1970.


Is there a place in the Scranton area that was your “go-to” spot that you both treasure? 

We spent a lot of our time in the dormitory visiting with friends; we enjoyed taking long walks in the park and dined on pizza at Granteeds and burgers at O'Toole's.

What is your best relationship advice for current Scranton couples and others?

Mutual trust, respect and consideration! Give it your best! Laugh a lot and have each other’s back.

TOP: The Broderick Wedding
MIDDLE: Don and Rosemary at her graduation
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