Schemel Forum Update

    April 1, 2020

    A note from Sonda Myers, director of the Schemel Forum at Scranton, on the remainder of the semester.

    Dear Schemelites,

    It's true that we are gone for the remainder of the spring semester-- because of a situation well beyond our and indeed everyone's control. We are all potential victims of a disease that has no known cure to date; lacking that, we must commit ourselves to staying home and avoiding social contacts. It's a very tough job for Americans and in particular Schemelites who enjoy learning together.

    Thus our aim is to reschedule for the fall the programs we needed to cancel in the spring. They are:

    David Myers' lecture on Anti-Semitism, Christine Leuenberger's on the politics of maps, Manisha Sinha's on The Abolitionist International, EJ Dionne's on Code Red: How Progressives and Moderates Can Unite to Save the Country, Fr. Schemel's nephews' program on his legacy to them. As well we're planning to rebook the spring bus trip to Philadelphia in late October. 

    From the few of you that I've spoken to, I note that we haven't lost our Schemel Forum zeal for reading and learning together. Several people have read Colum McCann's Apeirogon;  it is a major work of literature and an impassioned tribute to humanity and empathy.  I recommend it. Perhaps some of you have favorite reads to share with us. Do send them in.

    Meantime our job now--our civic responsibility--is to stay at home in order to stop the contagion of this dread disease. Experts tell us that it's in our hands. 

    Warm regards, 

    For any questions please email Alicen Morrison

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