Isolation 'Informance' No. 16: Synesthesia and The Artist Impact Banner

    Isolation 'Informance' No. 16: Synesthesia and The Artist

    January 22, 2021

    Are synesthetes more drawn to the arts? Or are more artists synesthetic by virtue of what they do? Please join Boga and her co-hosts Christian S. Adonizio, M.D. '92, a physician, author, researcher and pianist, and Elise Massuet '22, a psychology major and cellist, as they welcome their guest Greta Berman, Ph.D., arts historian, educator, curator, author, singer and liberal arts faculty at The Juilliard School whose special interests are synesthesia and the interrelationship between music and visual art.

    They will be discussing how certain musicians and visual artists use their synesthesia in creating and processing art. They will also field questions from viewers, so get your questions ready, and invite your friends!


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