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    Chris Whitney Profiled in Times-Tribune

    February 23, 2021

    Director of the Center for Career Development Chris Whitney was recently profiled in an article by the Scranton Times-Tribune, "Northeast Woman: New Milford woman guides University of Scranton students on paths to future." 

    An excerpt from the Times-Tribune:

    Chris Whitney understands the feeling of not quite knowing what career path to follow.

    She majored in language and literacy education at Pennsylvania State University after graduating from Blue Ridge High School but said she “had no idea” she’d end up guiding students facing uncertainty like she once did.

    “I feel like I always knew that I was going to do something to help students, but it just took years for me to figure out that I really wanted to help college students,” Whitney recalled. “And then it was about helping them to follow their path.”

    Since 1995, the New Milford resident has worked in higher education, holding jobs in residence life, admissions and careering counseling. Whitney just marked her six-year anniversary at University of Scranton, where she works as director of the Gerard R. Roche Center for Career Development.

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