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    Student Government Results

    From left: Claire Sunday and Adrianna Smith
    April 14, 2021

    The results of the 2021-2022 Student Government Elections are in. Congratulations to all, including the first-ever all-female University Student Government Executive team. 

    The results:

    President & Vice President: 

    Adrianna Smith & Claire Sunday 

    Class of 2022:

    Abril Lopez

    Class of 2023:

    Elizabeth Wescoe

    Josephine Middleton

    Kathleen Wallace

    Clara Downey

    Class of 2024:

    David Reese

    Caitlin Doughton

    Jeremy Dickinson 

    Thomas Elias 

    Residential Senator: 

    Henry Lembo

    Off-Campus Senator: 

    John Murphy 

    Commuter Senator: 

    Maggie Kowalewski 

    Vanessa Moylan 

    International Senator: 

    Erica Jeanne Mascardo 

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