Staff Senate Welcomes University President, Rev. Joseph G. Marina, SJ

The Staff Senate welcomes the new University president, Rev. Joseph G. Marina, S.J., at the October 2021 meeting.
Staff Senate Welcomes University President, Rev. Joseph G. Marina, SJ
"When I applied to be president at Scranton, it was quite clear to me that the University was looking for both a pastor and a leader."- University President Joseph G. Marina at his Inauguration

photos of Fr. Marina's office artworkThe Staff Senate welcomed the 29th University President, Rev. Joseph G. Marina, at its October 2021 meeting. The Senate presented Fr. Marina with an artistic rendering of his likeness. The portrait was created by Kym Fetsko, a graphic artist, and administrative assistant for the dean of the library. The artwork currently hangs in the president's office.

Just before his Inauguration, the Staff Senate developed and sent a proclamation to Fr. Marina. In the proclamation, the Senate offered friendship, knowledge and prayers for his success. It also included quotes from several influential Jesuits, including one by the University's 24th and 27th president, Rev. Scott R. Pilarz, S.J. H'15 (1959-2021), who said, "Wherever life takes you, tell the people you meet about the graces given and received on this sacred ground: The University of Scranton. Not where you breathe, but where you love, you live.”

During the October meeting, Fr. Marina reiterated part of his Inauguration speech and offered his sentiments and appreciation for the gift, and the work of the Senate and University staff.

staff sentaes gives gift to Fr. marina

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