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    A Scranton Love Story

    Nick McKaba '16 and Stephanie Romano '15, G'16
    February 9, 2022

    Love is in the air! Royals tell their #ScrantonLoveStory ahead of Valentine's Day.

    Nick McKaba '16 and Stephanie Romano '15, G'16
    Nick McKaba '16 and Stephanie Romano '15, G'16 are getting married in June 2022. The pair met thanks to their love of sports.

    "I played softball and at the U and Nick played lacrosse. Nick proposed in the Rose Garden in June 2020," wrote Stephanie.

    Go Royals!
    Dana '97 and Seth Rosencrance '97

    danamarie222.jpgDana (Giambrone) ‘97 and Seth Rosencrance ‘97 met in Nevils Hall in 1993 and have been together ever since. 

     Keith Guglielmi '06 and Jennifer (Bostwick) Guglielmi '06

    jengugs2.jpg Keith Guglielmi '06 and Jennifer (Bostwick) Guglielmi '06 met through ROTC on campus.

    Blaire Wilkie ‘15, G‘18 and Michael Balcon ‘13, G‘16

    bodiesbyblaire.jpgBlaire Wilkie ‘15, G‘18 and Michael Balcon ‘13, G‘16 tied the knot on campus "where we fell in love!"

    Kyle Hatler '03 and Tera Ravina '03

    Kyle Hatler '03 and Tera Ravina '03  "met through a mutual friend while studying for exams in our Math 104 class with Dr. Bonnie Xiong during our fall semester of freshman year on campus. We were both Nevils Devils as well."

    The couple started dating in 1999 and got married 10 years later. They live in Rutherford, New Jersey with their two children. 

    Casey Fitzgerald ‘16 and Mollie Medrano ‘17

    lovestory1.jpg Casey Fitzgerald ‘16 and Mollie Medrano ‘17 met through mutual friends during their time here on campus.

    Felix Rodriguez '13 and Amanda Rodriguez '13

    Felix Rodriguez '13 and Amanda Rodriguez '13 "met our junior year at a party."

    Sophie Sabatell '17, G'18 and Timothy Poole '17, G'20

    sophiejean71.jpgSophie Sabatell '17, G'18 and Timothy Poole '17, G'20 "met at the praise and worship group which Tim helped to start/run our freshman year. We have been married for almost a year and a half now."

    Ingrid (Stein) Garofalo '03 and Joseph Garofalo '03

    ingrid.christine.jpgIngrid (Stein) Garofalo '03 and Joseph Garofalo '03 met in front of Fitch Hall in the spring of 2000. 

    Bridget (Gallagher) Lolli ‘16 and James Lolli ‘14 DPT ‘17

    bridget_lolli.jpgBridget (Gallagher) Lolli ‘16 and James Lolli ‘14 DPT ‘17 "met when I was a freshman, got married in May of 2020, and are now expecting our first baby in May 2022!!" wrote Bridget.

    Adriana Samoni '16 and John Nolan Ryan '15

    jnolanryan.jpg"We met in 2014 living on Vine Street, have been dating since 2016, and are getting married on 05.06.2023."

    Pete Sims ‘22 and Mary Bunone ‘22

    Pete Sims ‘22 and Mary Bunone ‘22 met at Search 89.

    Joe '16 and Meghan Costello '16

    megcos3.jpg"We had classes together junior year but didn’t meet until Halloween weekend senior year through a mutual friend. Have been together ever since."

    Joe '16 and Meghan Costello '16 got married in September 2020 with "a whole crew of Scranton people" at their wedding.

    Dillon De Benedetto '15 and Marina Pierre '15

    273526796_622071522206423_7541833039327430516_n.jpgDillon De Benedetto '15 and Marina Pierre '15 met on the first day of University Orientation in July 2011.

    Their story:

    "During the student welcome party in the Byron Recreation Center, Marina saw Dillon walking by and he immediately caught her eye and she asked him to join in on the game of pickup volleyball. After about 10 minutes they went for a walk around campus and clicked immediately. After Orientation, they exchanged numbers and talked all summer until school was back in session. Dillon found every opportunity to message her about the book they were required to read (which he didn't)."

    When they both returned to college for the semester, their friendship blossomed. Dillon always knew Marina was the one and only had eyes for her. After a year of pursuing Marina, who also knew deep down she liked Dillon, they finally decided to become more than best friends and started dating and the rest is history! They have been together 10 years and will be happily married in the Fall of 2022."

    Sue (Brzenski) Gibbons '01 and Tom Gibbons '96, G'99

    273690910_328669825853673_9121477845401418649_n.jpgSue (Brzenski) Gibbons '01 and Tom Gibbons '96, G'99 didn't meet until after college.

    "Tom‘s sister, Gillian Gibbons, was one of my best friends at Scranton. I always knew Tom as her older brother. After college, she informed me that she always knew we’d be together. We started dating in 2006 and have never been apart since! This year we will be married for 13 years. The pictures I’m sharing are from our wedding. Father Pilarz married us at Saint Ann’s basilica Parish in Scranton. We had pictures with our wedding party taken at the Estate. The picture with our friends shows all of the alumni that were present at our wedding. Father Pilarz referred to our wedding during the ceremony as a “meeting of the Scranton Alumni Society.”273689776_325234852873971_6302619689742601552_n.jpg

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